War Memorial

Gotham’s War Memorial, whilst being different from the more regular stone or bronze memorials often seen in towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom, is not entirely unique, being in the form of a Recreation Ground and Memorial Hall.

The Recreation Ground and Memorial Hall was created for the benefit of the surviving community and future generations’ use. The Recreation Ground being available for the usual team participation sports and including also a children’s play area. The Memorial Hall providing various rooms for all indoor activities as well as meetings spaces for a number of village organisations and private parties.

Within the Main Hall are Rolls of Honour recognising people’s sacrifice in both World Wars I and II. The Gotham Roll for World War I is unusual for its period in containing the names of women as well as men engaged or employed in war service not only those losing their lives but including those surviving the conflict.

World War I’s “The Gotham Roll”.

Participants who died during or because of the War have their individual histories included below.  Also included are those participants World War II who lost their lives.

The names listed below are of people with Gotham connections. Most of whom are included in the Roll of Honour as making the ultimate sacrifice. However due to some oversight at the time of original Roll compilation some names were not recorded. Having subsequently been discovered through connected researches they are included here.

Names are listed alphabetically by their surname initial.  Click on the person’s name to open a PDF containing more detailed information.

John Archer

1885–4.11.1914 aged 29 years

Private 8195 2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment

Charles Bowley WW1

1881–6.5.1917 aged 36 years

Private 24079 3rd/5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers

Charles Bowley WW2

(?)1917–15.7.1942 aged 25 years

Able Seaman P/JX 334735 HMS President III attached SS Empire Attendant

Ernest Richard Bowley

1919–11.9.1943 aged 24 years

Lance-Sergeant 4978411 2nd/5th Sherwood Foresters

George William Bowley

1885–26.9.1917 aged 32 years

Private 266954 2nd/7th Battalion (Robin Hood Rifles) Sherwood Foresters.

Harry Brailsford

1888–20.9.14 aged 26 years

Lance-Corporal 10108 2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters

George William Brown

1882–27.8.1918 aged 36 years

Private 87900 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters

William John Callon

9.9.1924–24.5.1941 aged 16 years

Boy First Class P/JX 5 X 181939 Royal Navy

Charles Chadburn

1897–4.10.1918 aged 21 years

Lance-Corporal 12535 1st/8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters

Louie Chaplin

1899–1.7.1918 aged 19 years

Munitions worker Chilwell Ordnance Depot

Frederick William Cooke

1889–11.5.1917 aged 28 years

Private 14963 9th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers

George Craddock

1884–25.7.1917 aged 33 years

Gunner 262 Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery

John William Dakin

1885–10.10.1916 aged 31 years

Private 32565 16th Battalion (Welbeck Rangers) Sherwood Foresters

Arthur Dring

1895–14.3.1916 aged 21 years

Private 15930 10th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers

Joseph William Dring

1890–13.10.1918 aged 28 years

Private 49514 19th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers

Robert Elliott

1916–1.1.1943 aged 27 years

Leading Seaman (Captain’s Writer) D/JX 136704 Royal Navy

Stephen Richard Fox

1912–26.4.1940 aged 28 years

Captain 58170 1st Battalion King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Christopher Leonard Freeman

14.6.1877–21.3.1918 aged 41 years

Private G/19500 7th Battalion Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment

John Gamble

1883–15.4.1916 aged 33 years

Private 16369 2nd Battalion Leicestershire Regiment

John Marshall Gill

1897–29.9.1916 aged 19 years

Private 16129 6th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment

Charles Edward Hale

19.11.1895–26.9.17 aged 22 years

Lance-Corporal 266936 2nd/7th (Robin Hood Rifles) Sherwood Foresters

Albert Hallam

1889-9.8.15 aged 26 years

Private 4036 2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters

Herbert Hallam

1888–17.11.1917 aged 29 years

Private38071 2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment

Sidney Frederick Hardy

17.2.21–20.4.45 aged 24 years

Driver 10689919 11 L of Sigs Royal Corps of Signals

William Hickling

1896–5.7.1916 aged 20 years

Private 21160 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters

H Howard

(H Howard’s exact identity is as yet uncertain)

Frederick Peter Hudson

1877–14.7.1916 aged 39 years

Private 21150 7th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment

Frederick Albert Hutchinson

15.11.1911–15.6.1944 aged 33 years

Private 4982596 2nd Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment

John Wilfred James

1918–9.5.1943 aged 25 years

Gunner 963195 155 Field Regiment Royal Artillery

Charles James Ernest Jessop

1888–21.3.1918 aged 30 years

Private 41976 12th Battalion Suffolk Regiment

George William Jessop

1897–11.10.1915. aged 18 years

Rifleman 5055 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

George William Lakin

1897–28.4.1917 aged 20 years

Private 32701 11th Battalion Sherwood Foresters

George Ernest Maltby

1921–7.1.1942 aged 21 years

Aircraftman 2nd class 947113 RAFVR

George Hinds Maltby

1896–21.7.17 aged 21 years

Private M2/269181 Mechanical Transport Coy RASC

Giles Morgan

1884–20.2.1915 aged 31 years

Private 6629 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters

Harold Newell

1887–26.9.1915 aged 27 years

Private 14967 13th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers

William Oliver Orridge

1896–17.6.1917 aged 21 years

Private 23778 9th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment

Luther Pepper

15.10.11–27.5.1940 aged 29 years

Private 5045895 2nd Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment

Joseph Samuel Powdrill

1900–23.4.1918 aged 18 years

Able Seaman (stoker) K/46120 HM Trawler Plethos RN

Raymond Price

1889–14.4.1917 aged 28 years

Lance-Corporal 21947 5th Battalion Grenadier Guards

Thomas Schofield

1895–5.3.1917 aged 22 years

Driver 95018 Y/6th Trench Mortar Battery RFA

Beecham Sharp

1886–9.10.1917 aged 31 years

Private 202514 8th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment

Daniel Smith

1891–23.3.1918 aged 27 years

Private 23000 2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters

Dennis Alan Smith

1922–7.1.1945 aged 23 years

Sapper 14442660 241 Field Company Royal Engineers

Tom Smith

1891–17.4.1924 aged 33 years

Private, West Yorkshire Regiment

Austin Stevenson

? –10.4.1917

Private 201870 2nd/5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters

Henry Strutt

1894–25.5.1915 aged 21 years

Able Seaman KX/229 Howe Battalion RNVR

Fanny Taylor

1897–1.7.1918 aged 21 years

Munitions worker Chilwell Ordnance Depot

Samuel Towers

1898–19.8.1918 aged 20 years

Gunner L/23225 RFA

Arthur Powys Wodehouse

2.6.1881–22.11.1915 aged 34 years

Capt Indian Political Dept attached 110th Maharatta Light Infantry

Norman Atherton Wodehouse

18.5.1887–4.7.1941 aged 54 years

Vice-Admiral, Commodore 2nd class Royal Navy

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renanda tribowo

i’m obliged for the post.Really looking forward to read more. can i share this ?

Graham Essex

Hello Renanda,
My name is Graham Essex and looking after our history web pages.
Thanks for your comment and mail. No objections to your sharing.

Margaret Foster (nee MacLean

Thankyou for the information about my uncle Charles Bowley (known as Charlie) who’s ship HMS President 111 was torpedoed in 1942.
I did not have this information until just now.
My mother was Charlie’s youngest sister (Dorothy MacLean nee Bowley).
Would welcome any other relevant information.
Margaret Foster (nee MacLean)

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